About Us

Wild World is a profit organisation focusing on Eco adventure tours coupled with Wildlife awareness and Conservation.

We are committed to conservation and environmental protection. Our aim is to minimise the adverse effects of urbanisation through responsible adventure tours, education programmes to schools & colleges, company events, awareness campaigns, and public involvement. We believe the true essence of Eco adventure tours is achieved when you learn, absorb and reduce the negative impact in forests and natural habitats.


Rajesh Kumar, the visionary founder of Wild World has several years of experience in the field of Conservation, Wildlife Rescues in association with the Karnataka Forest Cell, Wildlife Crime Control Bureau Govt. of India. He is also a certified Naturalist from Eco-Tourism board of Karnataka. He is an ardent traveller who by foot has covered the Western Ghats range in Karnataka, Goa, parts of Kerala and Tamilnadu.  He has also travelled the Eastern Ghats range in Karnataka & Tamilnadu, lived with the locals, learnt the heritage, identified trek routes and eco values of this range. A professional in organising adventure tours, he has always given safety and eco-awareness the prime importance.


A team of experts from various fields related to wildlife, conservation and Eco adventure tours have been handpicked to be part of Wild World.


A panel of specialists from various related fields are in tie up with Wild World for several activities so the enrolee gets a first-hand exposure and experience


Wild World’s vision is to make every human sensitive to responsible tourism, to co-exist with wildlife and attempt conservation as a routine part of life


Wild World’s mission is to equip every member of our society to be the brand ambassadors of responsible tourism and a conservationist in every walk of life. A mission to make Wild World a synonym to wildlife conservation.

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