Bannerghatta National Park has an exclusive specially designed Butterfly park and is the first of its kind in India. This man-made yet natural setup has provision to house about 20 species of butterflies.

This park has a fenced forested elephant sanctuary of 122 acres, where the elephants are allowed to move freely without any disturbance of humans and wild elephants.

Bannerghatta offers safari rides where you could see a range of wildlife from Spotted Deers to Sloth Bears, Lions, Tigers.

Flora & Fauna

Banyan Tree, Bamboos, Sandalwood tree, Neem tree, Tamarind tree, Eucalyptus tree and many more.

Peafowl, White cheeked barbet, Crow pheasant, Grey hornbill, Grey jungle fowl, Golden Oriole, House Sparrow, Scaly breasted munia, Purple sunbird and all birds found around Bengaluru.

Elephants, Three striped palm squirrel, Mongoose, Porcupine, Pangolin, Cheetal, Bonnet Macaque, Jackal, Slender Loris, Jungle Cat, Civet Cat, Leopard, Sloth Bears and with a good wealth of amphibians, reptiles, micro flora & fauna.


Bird watching, Nature Walk, Trekking, Nature Photography, Rock Climbing, Wildlife Safari