Wild World’s programme is very distinctive as it uses various mediums of teaching, coupled with adventure activities, team building exercises, trekking, safari, jungle stay, plantation, village visits, expedition, trip to Western Ghats and much more

Tailored made Eco-Adventure activities IN-AROUND & AWAY from Bangalore to suit your requirement. That’s not all – we customise activities as per student’s stream of the course and your requirement.

Integration of our programmes with your college curriculum to enhance student’s academic knowledge with compulsory projects. We also would maintain a ‘Knowledge Barometer’ for every student.

Due to urbanisation and world becoming smaller, today’s Youth looks at world only through technology. Virtual world has stolen away from them, the priceless moments we have experienced being connected directly to Mother Nature. Today’s world where the 5 senses, touch, smell, see, hear, taste are limited to technology and urbanisation, Wild World has tailor made various programmes which provides teenagers and youth an experience to activate the 5 senses in their true meaning. Using this programme, the student learns fundamental wildlife management and conservation concepts that they can put to use immediately.

We have certified Naturalist from Eco-Tourism board, Trained instructors, Qualified First-Aid Individuals, Doctor on Call, Emergency services to ensure safety and security of the children at all times.

Every outdoor location for Wild World activity has been personally assessed by its founder and the locals have been included in the programme to ensure students get first-hand experience

Wild World also offers Nature Club Memberships which follows a simple mantra – Awareness – Conservation – Adventure

Wild World Club offers – Institutional Membership and MY Membership

Each member or institution enrolled has a unique number that records the activities and progress made in your field of interest.

Know more about Nature Club for Colleges/Institutions

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