Nature Club for Colleges/Institutions

Institutional Membership covers various medium of conservation within your college such as Energy savers, campus hygiene, appropriate flora and fauna, CSR activities. This membership would provide students a platform to be part of various workshops, participate in various conservation programmes, competitions, conferences, summer camps and much more.

A programme that allows the mind of a teenage-youth to explore and learn about the beauty of nature and its importance for human survival. A programme that teaches students the importance of biodiversity, habitat-loss implication, habitat restoration coupled with lots of project activity and hands on experience. Over the course of the year, the students will be given opportunities to work on Research projects varying from small insects to large mammals, from flowers to trees.

At the graduation stage, the teenage-youth is equipped with an in depth knowledge on flora and fauna, co-existence with various forms of life, Indian Wildlife protection Laws, Illegal trade, depletion- revival of natural resources to name a few.

The College can also identify students to enrol in MY membership programme, wherein the student would be provided individual attention and focus on any specific area of interest and this membership can be carried by the student as long as he wishes to, in his/her journey of life.

The membership programme also provides opportunity to students to listen and interact with the experts in Wildlife & Conservation.

With the knowledge he or she gains from this programme, the youth can confidently look at avenues of job opportunities in this field.

A programme which also teaches wilderness survival skills, Do’s and Don’ts about wildlife, civic sense in an urban setup and much more.

The VISION of Wild World is to reach out to every student, every common man on the street to make conservation “A Daily Routine & A Way Of Life”

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