Corporate organisations are always under pressure to deliver results as they define the economics of our country. Employee spend most of their time in artificial surroundings and have minimal contact with natural light & air, they follow unhealthy lifestyle, and work long work hours.

Wild World’s programme is very distinctive as it uses Tailored made Eco-Adventure activities IN-AROUND & AWAY from Bangalore to suit your requirement. That’s not all – we customise activities as per your requirement and various mindset of individuals.

While corporate life is about shrinking the world to have easy connect across the globe, Wild World expands your life to a new world of Nature, Conservation and Wildlife.

Wild World has various programmes, which not only addresses your stress levels but also provides opportunities to participate in various conservation activity thus creating a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Programmes uniquely designed to bring a balance in lifestyle coupled with adventure activities, team building exercises, trekking, safari, jungle stay, plantation, village visits, expedition, trips to Western Ghats and much more.

In addition to this, this programme allows your mind to explore and learn about the beauty of nature and its importance for human survival. A programme that teaches the importance of biodiversity, habitat-loss implication, habitat restoration coupled with lots of fun, project activity and hands on experience.

Wild World also offers Nature Club Memberships which follows a simple mantra – Awareness – Conservation – Adventure

Wild World Club offers – Corporate Membership and MY Membership

Each member or Organisation enrolled has a unique number that records the activities and progress made in your field of interest.

Know more about Nature Club for Corporates

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