Dodda Alada Mara

Dodda Alada Mara

Dodda Alada Mara popularly known as Big Banyan Tree is situated in a small hamlet known as Ramohalli about 30kms from Bengaluru. This Banyan Tree is one of the world’s oldest tree with a crown circumference of more than 250 meters and more than 100 aerial roots.  This is an ideal place for people interested in learning about trees, shrubs, birds and micro flora and fauna.

History :  

The Dodda Alada Mara  is about 400years old spreading over 3 acres of land. The Banyan tree is considered to be sacred. In fact, it is also believed that Buddha achieved enlightenment while sitting under a Banyan tree. This tree has been protected and looked after by villagers.

Interesting fact :

This tree received its name because of the traders who sat below this tree to sell. The traders were mostly banias and hence the name Banyan was derived out it.

This tree is considered magical as all parts of the tree, even its roots has value to humans. Hence this tree is considered as the National Tree of India.

Apart from the Banyan Tree at Ramohalli, this village is proud of a temple it owns – The Mukti Naga temple which is the world’s largest monolithic statue of Lord Naaga. This is 7 headed idol is about 16 feet tall and weighs about 36 tonne.


Flora & Fauna


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